Social Impact

Greenbrier Dairy operates as a social enterprise as we understand that people in recovery from addiction face many challenges in obtaining, and maintaining, employment. We are committed to providing West Virginians in recovery with a sense of purpose and a pathway to personal and professional achievements. Establishing social enterprises that support our communities is an intrinsic part of our long-term vision for success.

We proactively support individuals in recovery by removing barriers to employment and creating job opportunities and a work environment where individuals recovering from addiction can succeed. Greenbrier Dairy offers numerous employment, training, and apprenticeship opportunities that give individuals in recovery a pathway back into society.

Recovery is key. Greenbrier Dairy has a proven track record that demonstrates our ability to successfully manage the complexity associated with the employment of individuals in recovery. Specifically, we offer opportunities to recover their self-worth. Greenbrier Dairy hires individuals in recovery and provides them with the training and resources needed to be successful.
Greenbrier Dairy is a supportive work environment where individuals gain invaluable work experience and transferable skills, and make progress toward their own goals, leading to lasting recovery and career employment. Recovery employment also lets employees develop positive social relationships, rebuild financial stability, and restore self-confidence, among other benefits.
Our partnership with Jobs & Hope WV has been instrumental in supporting our mission to manage and maintain a recovery-friendly workplace. To date, Greenbrier Dairy has hired 13 employees through Jobs & Hope WV. Right now, we're getting geared up with additional opportunities to give even more people in recovery the tools to be successful this year.

Working together, Greenbrier Dairy envisions healthy communities where resources are readily available to help anyone in recovery achieve wellness and a brighter future. We remain committed to linking members of the recovery community to employment opportunities in which they can successfully build employment skills, re-enter the workforce, and reenter their communities.
By continuing to support individuals in recovery, Greenbrier Dairy plays a vital role in helping people along the path of recovery. We play an important part in giving people hope that their future can still be bright. That having a substance use disorder does not mean the end of the road.  That the goals they never thought possible can be achieved.
For some, it may mean that have goals for the first time in their lives, and it's our mission to make the dream of sobriety a reality for people in recovery.