Up the Creek Mustard

Up the Creek was founded in 1996 in Montgomery, West Virginia. Fred Lockard had a recipe for specialty mustards and sauces that needed to be shared with everyone! Thus Up the Creek was born. For 23 years Fred, produced, sold, and distributed Up the Creek products all across West Virginia and the rest of the United States.
May 15, 2019 Fred sold Up the Creek to Trey Yates. Now headquartered in Rainelle, West Virginia.
In 2020 Up the Creek faced its greatest challenge with shortages of virtually every raw material used to make this West Virginia staple. Then after a forced hiatus due to production being halted by the then co-packer, Up the Creek is back and ready for a comeback! Beginning April 2023, Up the Creek will be in 100% control of it's own production. This will ensure our products are made to our highest quality standards! 
We would like to thank everyone who supports local small businesses and can't wait for everyone to be apart of getting this West Virginia staple back on top!


Up the Creek not available in your area? Rally for us!

Can't find a store near you that offers Up the Creek Mustard? We feel no one should go without our Mustards! WE have a way to have your voice heard and get Up the Creek close to you! Simply print out this letter and hand it to the manager at your favorite store.